Barbara Willet – Principal

Barbara Willett has been a fixture in the M&E community for many years, serving as Director of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning at Mercy Corps, American Red Cross, and the Digital Impact Alliance. She has worked in M&E and development for nearly 25 years, designing M&E plans for individual programs, creating country-level M&E systems and solutions, and developing approaches to agency-level measurement. She has presented to AEA, InsideNGO, NetHope, and been a guest lecturer for TechChange on the nexus of M&E and technology for NGOs. Barbara is passionate about capacity building, sustainability, and helping organizations build a culture of reflection and learning. Barbara presumes a view of M&E that is inclusive and expansive – one that influences design, enables learning, ensures accountability and inclusivity, demands rigor, and promotes evidence-based decision-making and good, adaptive management.

Prior to her role with Clear Outcomes, Barbara grew a career in monitoring and evaluation working in field and HQ roles, in emergency response, long-term development programs, and approaches that work at the humanitarian intersect of development and emergency response. She has conducted research in the digital ecosystem, and helped develop internal systems for program management and strategic evaluation. Barbara completed her MA in International Development at Ohio University and her undergraduate work at United States International University in San Diego, California. She attended Claremont Graduate University’s Advanced Study on Program Evaluation certificate program and completed all coursework and research toward a doctorate in education at University of Central Florida (ABD). Barbara continues to take advantage of MOOCs,, TechChange and many more of the vast array of online learning opportunities, believing that to be effective in supporting others, one must be open to learning new skills and methods oneself.