Andrew Trembley

Andrew Trembley
Andrew Trembley,
Senior Consultant

Andrew Trembley is a quantitative analyst with extensive experience conducting statistical analyses for evaluations. He spent eight years conducting research, support and evaluations at the World Bank, specializing on projects that required building greater monitoring and evaluation capacities for service provision. He has worked directly with government and NGO service providers to design better M&E systems and has served as an independent evaluator thereof.  He has conducted research and evaluations for the World Bank, DFID, and USAID.

In 2017-18, he served as the lead quantitative analyst designing a baseline study in Sierra Leone for the DFID-funded Girls Education Challenge. Matching rigorous DFID standards and a complex project structure, he designed and led a survey that incorporated school evaluations, teacher observations, household visits, and student performance. The difference-in-difference study required creating student stratified student cohorts, matching numerous data sources, and a large team using tablet-based technologies.

Between 2014 and 2016, Mr. Trenbley undertook the quantitative analysis for five interventions supported by a US $80 million World Bank loan to the Government of Guatemala. It required working with three different Ministries: of education, statistics, and human resources and manipulating large-scale dataset and collating their information to study the intersection of teacher pay, school resources, and education performance.  As the first attempt to integrate disparate data, the final evaluation gave insights into mapping and describing the distriubution of human and physical resources in Guatemala and how they relate to performance. The evaluation provided both novel insights for evaluative purposes and new abilities to build better M&E systems.

From 2011-2016, Mr. Trembley was part of a team of researchers who developed a quantitatively rigorous methodology to assess teacher preparation systems worldwide. He was instrumental to the project’s conception, methodological design, and ongoing analysis. He designed the survey materials and training and specified the standardized quantitative analysis methodology, and authored over 30 national and regional reports analyzing teacher preparation and support methods abroad.

Mr. Trembley has advanced skills in creating digital surveys and data management, evaluation design, and complex statistical analysis using Stata and R.