Current Work

Stanford University Center for Global Health Innovation is implementing the WomenLift Health Leadership Initiative.  Clear Outcomes is the monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) partner for this multi-year, multi-country Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded initiative.  In addition to designing the MEL framework for the project, Clear Outcomes will be piloting innovative uses of “dose-response” measurement to understand what it takes in terms of investment to create a global health woman leader.

In Tanzania, the American Red Cross conducted community based measles campaigns.  They contracted Clear Outcomes to provide a final evaluation of the project using a most significant change methodology to better understand how their approach worked with the community.

Clear Outcomes conducted a Landscaping and Training Needs Assessment on the Principles for Digital Development—helping DIAL to better understand what training already exists, what the community wants from training, how best to deliver it, and what it should cost.  The work included more than 50 key informant interviews and an online survey that recruited participants from the worldwide digital technology community.

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Clear Outcomes is providing the Government of Canada’s International Assistance Evaluation division (PRA) with analysis support for how to use Text Analytics and Project Coding in Evaluations and also supporting 4 additional projects work in the areas of anti-crime programming, counterterrorism, donor approaches to ex-post evaluation and donor support in high threat environments.

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Clear Outcomes is contracted to conduct the final evaluation of the CDC funded Public Health Impact Assessment project implemented by ICAP at Columbia University. This evaluation included fieldwork in Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, New York, and Atlanta, and a 14 country online survey. Clear Outcomes also conducted the midterm evaluation of the CQUIN network project.

The Luke Commission provides community and facility-based, prevention and comprehensive care for patients in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Clear Outcomes is providing ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and learning support for this data-driven organization.

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