Current Work

Clear Outcomes holds the Eval ME II IDIQ contract as a prime holder.  Work under this contract is anticipated to include designing and implementing quantitative and qualitative evaluation studies and assessments; providing technical assistance in performance monitoring; providing monitoring services, developing and delivering evaluation and monitoring training; supporting the agency in learning from evidence to adapt programming; and supporting implementation of knowledge management practices and services.

Stanford University Center for Global Health Innovation is implementing the WomenLift Health Leadership Initiative.  Clear Outcomes is the monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) partner for this multi-year, multi-country Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded initiative.  In addition to designing the MEL framework for the project, Clear Outcomes will be piloting innovative uses of “dose-response” measurement to understand what it takes in terms of investment to create a global health woman leader.

UNICEF engaged Clear Outcomes to carry out a policy evaluation of Ghana’s Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Policy.  This policy—spanning more than a decade—provided the basis for many of the country’s key social developments in ECCD. Using secondary data analysis, document review, key informant interviews, and focus group discussions, Clear Outcomes triangulated data from multiple sources to understand the overall effect of the policy over time.

World Vision contracted Clear Outcomes to undertake a Stakeholder and Barrier Assessment of Neglected Tropical Diseases in five West African countries.  Working under a tight timeline, Clear Outcomes fielded 4 teams in 4 countries in 4 weeks.  We used innovative organizational network analysis and software to visualize stakeholder networks, produced reports, PowerPoint presentations, and two-pagers for decision makers to use in program planning.  

World Vision Tanzania also contracted Clear Outcomes to undertake a baseline assessment of HIV and Gender Based Violence programming in advance of a faith-based organization initiative in the Southern Highlands.

Clear Outcomes holds the IQC for Monitoring Evaluation and Learning support and responds to task orders to support Blumont’s programming worldwide.  Task orders support monitoring tasks include supporting developing indicators, targets and ensuring data quality, to support surveys and evaluations and support for learning activities and documentation.

The United States Peace Corps contracted Clear Outcomes to conduct a participatory mixed internal/external review of their Orphans and Vulnerable Children programming in support of PEPFAR.  The review findings will support Peace Corps’ decision making on how best to use volunteer skills to support of HIV programming in Africa and Eastern Europe.

The American Cancer Society implemented an innovative patient navigation program in partnership with the Kenyatta National Hospital, in Nairobi, to support patients during the cancer treatment process.  In 2020, they will expand the program to the Uganda Cancer Institute, in Kampala.  Clear Outcomes will support multiple process and outcome evaluations to document the lessons learned and patient outcomes from these programs. 

Clear Outcomes conducted a rapid, remote review of Humanity United’s Sidecar Innovation Fund. This review documented the impacts of financial and non-financial technical assistance to improve responsible supply chains. The review used document/literature review and remote interviews (during the COVID-19 pandemic) to rapidly assess grantees influence on multinational companies (MNCs), workers, and other stakeholders. Lessons learned and recommendations for future programs were also were identified. Results were synthesized into a brief and highly visual report, that included a highly condensed executive summary, case studies, methodology note, and key references bibliography.

In Tanzania, the American Red Cross conducted community based measles campaigns.  They contracted Clear Outcomes to provide a final evaluation of the project using a most significant change methodology to better understand how their approach worked with the community.

Clear Outcomes conducted a Landscaping and Training Needs Assessment on the Principles for Digital Development—helping DIAL to better understand what training already exists, what the community wants from training, how best to deliver it, and what it should cost.  The work included more than 50 key informant interviews and an online survey that recruited participants from the worldwide digital technology community.

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Clear Outcomes provided the Government of Canada’s International Assistance Evaluation division (PRA) with analysis support for how to use Text Analytics and Project Coding in Evaluations and also supporting 4 additional projects work in the areas of anti-crime programming, counterterrorism, donor approaches to ex-post evaluation and donor support in high threat environments.

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Clear Outcomes conducted the final evaluation of the CDC funded Public Health Impact Assessment project implemented by ICAP at Columbia University. This evaluation included fieldwork in Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, New York, and Atlanta, and a 14 country online survey. Clear Outcomes also conducted the midterm evaluation of the CQUIN network project.

The Luke Commission provides community and facility-based, prevention and comprehensive care for patients in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Clear Outcomes is providing ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and learning support for this data-driven organization.

Mercy Corps:  Clear Outcomes holds the Mercy Corps Master Services Agreement for Lot 2 (Research and Evaluations) and Lot 3 (Monitoring Support).

Clear Outcomes holds the Blanket Purchase Agreement for Project Management Support (Technical and Operational), Grants Management, Communications and Outreach Services and Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Support and Data Specialists.

Clear Outcomes is a preferred provider for Venture37 and will provide monitoring, evaluation and learning support services for Venture37 projects (Dairy, Livestock and Crops) as assigned.

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